Rescued, Fine Art Print

Rescued, Fine Art Print

A fine art print from the original graphite drawing depicts the emotionally intense meeting of two ex-racehorse mares and a foal. The mare wearing the halter was rescued from a killpen and brought to Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation where she was immediately greeted and consoled by her future soulmate.

The innocent and inquisitive foal is a witness to this instant and heartwarming bonding. You will be able to look at this extraordinary artwork again and again and each time find a new interpretation of the emotions expressed by the “Rescued”. Is it relief, joy, anguish, a fear of the unknown or a dread of the possibility of another separation? 

100% of the proceeds for any sales will benefit Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Signed by artist Jocelyn Sandor Urban, 20 x 24”, paper size 24 x 28

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